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Multi-Media Library

Media Room Wood Shed

Our Multi-Media Library hosts a very large variety of DVD and video movies.  We have a variety of books from the early 1800's to present day.  Don't forget the Games, we have over a dozen different games.  The Special Video's, music and books are of guests that have stayed with us.

Special Movies:
Roller Gator -
featuring guest:  Conrad Brooks
Little Lost Sea Serpant -
featuring guest:  Conrad Brooks
Gypsy Vampire
featuring guest:  Conrad Brooks
The Saturn Avenger vs. the Terror Robot
featuring guest:  Conrad Brooks
House on Haunted Hill -
featuring guest:  Mr. Lobo - Cinema Insomnia
Episode Three:  Gigantis, The Fire Monster
Featuring guest:  Mr. Lobo - Cinema Insomnia
Facing the Giants
from guests Mr. and Mrs. Stiles

Vidoe Library:
Alfred Hitchock
  The Man who knew too much
  The Thirty-nine steps
  The Lady Vanishes
  Young and Innocent
  Rich and Strange
  Secret Agent
  Number 7
  Juno and the paycock
  The Chaney Vase
  The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  Easy Virtue
  The Farmer's Wife
  Jamaica Inn
  The Lodger
  The Manxman
  Number Seventeen
  The Ring
  The Skin Game
The Memphis Belle
The Beatniks
Wild Guitar
Hook, Line and Sinker
Hunted and Haunted
Whistle Stop
Ghosts on the loose
Abraham Lincoln Birth of a Nation
His Girl Friday
The Scarlet Letter
Long John Silver
Made for each other
Pot o'Gold
A Walk in the Sun
Jungle Book
Hometown Story
The time of your life
Thomas Jefferson A complex life
Oliver Twist
Little Lord Fountleroy
Abbott and Costello in Africana Screams
Rin Tin Tin
  The Silver Trail
  The Test
The Return of Rin Tin Tin
Li'l Abner
At War with the Army
This is the Army
Shirley Temple Shorts
David Copperfield
The Borrowers
I dream of Jeanie
Till the Cloudes Roll By
Amazing Adventure
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Hercules and the Masked Rider
Hervules and the Tyrants of Babylon
Santa Fe Trail
Who killed Doc Robbin
The Baseball Fix
Drums in the Deep South
Angle and the Badman
The proud and the damned
The Flying Deuces
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Last Time I saw Paris
The Jackie Robinson Story
Road to Hollywood
Sound of Laughter
Great Dan Patch
One Step Beyond
  The Last Round
  Captain's Quest
  Where Are They?
  Justice Three
Our Gang Folies of 1938
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 7 episodes
The Adventures of Robin Hood  6 episodes
Rocky Jones - Space Ranger 6 episodes
Bonanza - multi episodes
Dragnet - multi episodes
The Three Stooges - multi episodes
The Red Skelton Show - multi episodes
The Beverly Hillbillies - multi episodes
Ozzie and Harriet Show - multi episodes
The Andy Griffith Show - multi episodes
The Lone Ranger - multi episodes
The Dick VanDyke Show - multi episodes
The Bob Cummings Show - multi episodes
The Lucy Show - multi episodes
The Loretta Young Show - multi episodes
Burns and Allen Show - multi episodes
Johnny Carson Show - multi episodes
Flash Gordon - multi episodes
You Bet your Life - The Best of Groucho
Mr. and Mrs. North - multi episodes
  and many, many more....

Special Books:
Blindsided:Lifting a Life Above Illness 
by guest Richard M. Cohen
Strong in the Broken Places:  voices of illness, a chorus of hope
by guest Richard M. Cohen
The Parable of the Lily
The Pine Tree Parable
The Pumpkin Patch Parable
The Sunflower Parable
Childrens books by
guest Liz Curtis Higgs
Bad Girls of the Bible
by guest Liz Curtis Higgs
Who got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?
by guest Cindy Sigler Dagnan
Go Fly a Kite, Ben Franklin!
by guest Peter Roop
Take Command, Captain Farragut!
by guest Peter Roop
Skip - Bo
Decks of Cards
  Mime Twist
  Clay Smoothie
  Staight Up
  What Not
  Hum Punch

Video Library:
Lord of the Rings
Left Behind
The Seeker
Faith Like Potatoes
Ace of Hearts
Radio Flyer
The Life of C.S. Lewis 
Journey to the center of the Earth
Mysterious Island
Who's Harry Crumb?
Spirit Bear
Sign of the Otter
Spirit of the Eagle
White Fang
Mr. Accident
De-Lovely - The Cole Porter Story
Austin Powers
Josie and the pussycats
The Blues Brothers
The Passion of the Christ
Follow the River
Beneath the 12 Mile Reef
Joan of ARC
Attack of the Monsters
The Retrievers
Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story
Callie and Son
The Treasure of Jamaica Reef
The Sci-Fi Invasion
Teenagers from Outer Space
Battle of the Worlds
Seven Alone
King of Kong Island
The Yin and Yang of Mr. Go
Somewhere Tomorrow
The Banger Sisters
A Guy Thing
Thicker than Water
Ordinary Miracles
Fielder's Choice
Stealing Beauty
In Good Company
When Harry Met Sally
Throw Momma From the Train
Saving Private Ryan
Forrest Gump
White Palace
American Wedding
About Last Night
Cupid and Cate
Mr. Destiny
Top Gun
The King and I
The Color of Money
Against all odds
Dick Tracy
Singing in the Rain
My Stepmother is an Alien
Anne of Avonlea
  and many, many more...

Media Room 4 Season Room

Special Music
"Free Spirit"
by guest LaTressa
by guest Kendall Payne
"New Day"
 by guest Claire Lynch
"Open Window"
 by guest Jim Hurst
Gary Roland and the Landsharks Band by guest of the same
Rush of Fools
by guests Rush of Fools


Video Library:
Christmas Movies
Little Women Jo's Story
Somewhere in Dreamland
Beyond Tomorrow
The Living Bible-The Birth of the Savior
O Come all ye Faithful
Winter Draws on
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
The Night before Christmas
The Nativity of the Child Jesus
I held his Glory
The Beverly Hillbillies - Home for Christmas
The Beverly Hillbillies - Home for the Holidays
Four Star Playhouse - The Gift
Cavalcade of America - Three Young Kings
George Burns and Gracie Allen Christmas Show
The Jack Benny Show - The Christmas Shopping Show
Ozzie and Harriet - Busy Christmas
Love that Bob - Grandp's Christmas Vistit
Crossroads - Our First Christmas Tree
I love Lucy - Christmas Show
The Honeymooners - Twas the Night Before Christmas
The Andy Griffith Show - Christmas Story
The Brady Bunch - The voice of Christmas
Taxi - A full house for Christmas
Family Ties - A Keaton Christmas Carol
Frasier - Miracle on Third or Forth Street
Angel in the Family
What I did for Love
A Christmas Visitor
Silent Night
The Christmas Shoes
The Christmas Blessing
It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
Christmas Vacation
Holiday Affair
A Christmas Carol